Our Values and Standards

At Blue Cloud Techs, it is commonplace that this envisaged excellence is not merely a product of processes and methodologies but impossible without the People.

As an organizational policy, Blue Cloud Techs has made it a practice to ensure its People are always at the best of their form. This is achieved through the following standards followed throughout the resource lifecycle.

-The Right Person
The Human Capital Management at Blue Cloud Techs goes to great lengths to make sure the right persons are hired as resources. This goes beyond qualifications, skills and experience, encompassing the attitude, communication and approach of each candidate evaluated.
-The Right Cost
It is also natural, that when the organization is looking for the most appropriate talent to fulfill its requirement, the cost of the said resources are also at optimum levels. This also goes to insulate Blue Cloud Techs against attrition that is fairly lower than the industry averages.
-The Right Training
While hiring the right people is half the task done, keeping this talent pool trained and up-to-date is the remainder. Blue Cloud Techs has a robust ongoing learning program when it comes to technological changes, processes, standards and industry best practices. From the consultants to the support function, this learning is imparted with zeal at each level, ultimately translating into a significantly higher standard of Quality Assurance.
-The Right Policies
Blue Cloud Techs recognizes that though hiring and training can empower the resources with skill and insight, motivation plays a significant role in the success of the projects. Hence, the company adopts a flexible, people-centric approach towards its resources, providing them with a comfortable and balanced work-environment.

Our Services

Our Enterprise Application Services offering for Oracle apps and E-Business Suite encompasses the wide variety of scenarios that occur typically, such as
  • Migration from legacy systems
  • Implementations and upgrades
  • Customization and custom application development
  • Rollouts and Application Management
  • Application Maintenance and Support
Our PeopleSoft offering includes:
  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis and Evaluation
  • Business Process Management and Re-Engineering
  • Application Integration
  • Oracle Fusion implementations
  • Training
  • Managed Services
our Microsoft Dynamics offering
  • Package Evaluation
  • Implementations
  • De-Risked Upgrades
  • Application Support and Maintenance
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Optimal Licensing
At Blue Cloud Techs, we help you do more and get more out of your existing customer and lead base by leveraging the powerful features of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM suite. Our expertise with Microsoft CRM and our integration abilities, to you,translate into precision driven CRM solutions that help simplify customer engagement and improve your efficiency in exploiting cross and up-sell opportunities as well.
At Blue Cloud Techs, we follow a collaborative approach that combines the best aspects of the Iterative and Rational Unified development methodologies that makes sure
  • The requirements are validated at each stage
  • Prototypes encompass all the features and specifications of each staged deliverable
  • Each deliverable is adequately planned and effectively executed
  • Each feature is truly scalable and reliable
  • Quality Assurance is complete for both the UI as well as the code
  • Adequate documentation is available for each feature of the solution

About Us

Blue Cloud Techs was established by a group of professionals with a proven track record in IT Services and Consulting.


Blue Cloud Techs envisages that Excellence in its business practices and deliverables are not by acts of omission or commission but purely by habit.


  • 24/7 Emergency Support for your Production Environment
  • Thorough system monitoring by seasoned experts
  • Proactive troubleshooting and error resolution
  • Expert performance tuning
  • Client copies and Landscape refreshes
  • Regular Backups and Patching


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  • Phone: +1 732 366 9999
  • Fax: +1 732 601 2334
  • Email: info@bcm9.com
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