With the advent of Enterprise Applications, businesses across the world have seen a sea change in the perception of the term Optimization. Leveraging the multitude of features offered by the these suites of applications, businesses can derive greater ROI and performance from the same resources of time, people and materials.

Blue Cloud Techs helps you unleash the power of the of your ERP instance. Drawing expertise gathered over years of experience implementing, customizing, upgrading, and managing instances Blue Clouds Tech offers a holistic Oracle E-Business Suite service offering that puts you in the driver’s seat of your IT initiatives.

Blue Cloud Techs Enterprise Application Services offering helps you keep your instances up-to-date and in ship shape, with its precision driven services that encompass the entire lifecycle of the application.

Whether Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, PeopleSoft or SAP, Blue Cloud Techs services encompass the full length and width of the requirements in this space such as

Some of the key features of the Blue Cloud Techs offering include

The large team of consultants, combined with a strong resource development program, where we provide ongoing training to each of our team members. This keeps them up-to-date and ready to take on the pain points with a problem-solving approach that ensures a clean and short cycle and maximal Quality Assurance.

At Blue Cloud Techs, we use the RightShoring strategy to provide you with a plethora of engagement and delivery models. RightShoring as we define it is the optimal blend of onsite, nearshore and offshore resources that team up to deliver high impact solutions that are both cost and time efficient.

When you partner with us for your IT requirements, you can be rest assured you are in the driver’s seat of your initiatives. Our organizational structure allows us to be transparent and flexible in our communications, giving you a ringside perspective of the entire development lifecycle.

About Us

Blue Cloud Techs was established by a group of professionals with a proven track record in IT Services and Consulting.


Blue Cloud Techs envisages that Excellence in its business practices and deliverables are not by acts of omission or commission but purely by habit.


  • 24/7 Emergency Support for your Production Environment
  • Thorough system monitoring by seasoned experts
  • Proactive troubleshooting and error resolution
  • Expert performance tuning
  • Client copies and Landscape refreshes
  • Regular Backups and Patching


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