Campus4all is an educational hub providing information which is accessible at finger tips. A person sitting across globe can retrieve any piece of data related to education vertical. Prospective students crave to explore information on educational institutes, jobs, curriculum, and these days internet is the first place they bank on.

"Campus4all" is an excellent means of satisfying the needs of students cost effectively with information on most of the Institutes. It is a free college and career education portal, to help you learn about careers and the schools offering education and degrees for the fields you want to choose. You'll find collection of more than 400 career and education articles to guide you through many aspects of your research, including career descriptions, financial aid tips, advice for adult learners, info on standardized college tests, and more. You'll also find a directory of colleges which will help you in getting the required information about the institution.

Updates information on Exam results, notifications and Exam Timetables. We provide information regarding Job Vacancies and online Forum for users to post their comments.

  • Information for students
  • Campus4All also maintains database of universities abroad. It gives various information on courses offered, details on bank loans and qualifying examination, guidance material and details on eligibility criteria. Registered students can seek advice from our Help Desk which is available 24x7 or from other registered users by discussing in the forums

  • Information for Job seekers
  • Campus4All, as the name suggests, is a campus online for everyone. Job seekers can register and upload their resumes. Recruiters can also register and upload their requirements to hire candidates. This way Campus4All also serves the need of job-seekers and recruiters. s

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